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Golf instructions to lower your handicap 5 strokes in 2 weeks

Here’s a quick tip to lower your golf handicap that’s fast and cheap.

First you are able to do this from the comfort of your own home. You will need to have a putting mat.

While watching TV, you can putt from the 3 foot line 10 times. Every time you miss start back at 0 again.

Do this for the 3 foot line, 5 foot line, and 7 foot line. As you get better change it up, focus on your breathing. Is it changing the closer you get to 10?

This tip will improve your putting, you will have more confidence, and be able you putt better under pressure.

There are certain ways to go about practicing at a driving range. In the 3 years I spent working at a driving range I have seen it all. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your practice session.

Don’t use the “rapid fire” technique. (This is where you hit the golf balls as fast as you can).

Watch out for the “Know it all guy”. (This is the guy that has all the answers on how to fix your swing). More often than not his advice will hurt more than help.

Practice like you will play. (When your hitting, aim for something, don’t just go out and hit into the range).

Work on one thing at a time. (It is easy to want to change everything at one time, but stay focused on one area at a time i.e. take a way, or grip, or down swing. Too much information will just make it harder to focus and improve.)

NO “Happy Gilmore” swinging. (Nothing good can come from doing this. You’ll just hurt yourself, your golf clubs, or the golfer standing next to you).

NOTE: Always always lay a towel down when hitting off of the mats ! lay the towel two inches behind the ball so you contact the ball first… you can hit the matt 4 inches behind the ball and the shot will feel good… on grass if you drop your club to the dirt 4 inches behind the ball your ball might go 20 yards… always lay a towel on matts…

Question for swing tips

how do you hit a fairway wood correctly?
I am playing well at the moment and long game has always been my strongest part but the fairway wood isn’t going correctly. The height I’m getting on it isn’t enough. I can hit driver correctly, leaning back and hitting it on the upswing, and irons hitting down to take a divot, but what do i do with a 3 wood or 5 wood? and what do I do at set up, it is normal or do i lean back like i do with a driver?

Answer: golf swing tips
Hopefully your are not leaning back on your driver, that will only reduce your swing speed and effect the contact with the ball. For hitting fairway woods you should think of sweeping the ball off the turf.

Try using a back swing that is taken back low to the ground, keep it as low as long as you can. This action should promote a sweeping action on the down swing.

For practice, place a golf ball 20 inches directly behind the ball you are going to hit. In the back swing try to push the “back” ball out of the way, then continue the rest of your swing.

Keep the sweeping motion in your mind, you want to brush the ball off the turf, do not chop down, do not lean back, allow the loft of the club and sweeping action to get the ball in the air.

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