Putting Makes A Difference As Part Of Your Golf Game – Great Suggestions To Improve Your Game

Too many amateurs focus on practicing their swing anticipating a greater score. If you’re not sinking your putts, and still have an excellent swing, it actually does you no good once you achieve the green if you can’t sink the ball. It’s time to put in the practice time with the putter and eventually you will notice an improvement with your putting.

When you are near or on the green, it’s time to start considering the putt. For some good reference points for lining up your shot, look at the ground around the green. Greens will usually slope off into the direction of water, always something to pay attention to. You should always walk all the way around a putt to have a complete perspective. Examining your surroundings prior to putting can make a big difference.

Putting properly is one of the most important aspects of the overall game of golf. By puttingproperly the typical golfer can make up 10 strokes a round. A primary reason for poor putting is using too much of your wrists and arms, thus breaking down your wrists through the putt. Unstable wrists are transmitted down to the putter face and your guess is just as good as mine as to exactly where the ball might go…

The ideal combination of shoulders and arms should be used through the entire putt, it should be a natural motion and not a break. On your backswing, your left shoulder naturally moves down and your right shoulder naturally moves up. Throughout this whole motion your left wrist should stay nice and firm. Concentrate on your shoulders clock work, and then your backswing becomes fluid. Make sure you relax your knees a little as well, but don’t lock up. It will actually make you a better putter.

A great putt entails a good set up. Ensure you are totally relaxed before you hit the ball, you should never have tense muscles when putting. Assuming you re a right handed golfer, you first place the grip in the palm of your left hand then your entire hand around the grip. Your right hand then goes underneath your left; you then overlap your right hand with your left index finger. Your palms should now be opposite to one another with a solid grip. Always ensure your eyes, more specifically your left eye, is over the ball when you’re addressing the ball.

Practicing your putt on a regular a basis is essential, even when you can’t get out or the weather is bad you can still practice at home. Lastly find a putter that works well for you and stick with it.

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