Nike Victory Red Pro Cavity Irons For Consistency And Forgiveness

Nike have introduced the latest and greatest addition to the massively popular VR Rangethe Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons! With more forgiveness than the Nike Blade Irons, this iron set has been designed for the golfer looking for more distance, consistency and forgiveness. The VR Pro Cavity Irons will produce consistency and confidence in any mid to high handicapper’s game.

The stylish looking Pro Cavitys follow on from their predecessors, the Nike VR Full Cavity Irons.They incorporating the famous red and black VR colour scheme and logo with a polished stainless steel finish.

Aswell as the styling, Nike have crammed in even more technology to further improve on their previous cavity irons. Nike’s Opti-Mass Weighting System is a combination of high-density tungsten and resin polymer. This System is inserted in the cavity of the golf clubs, allowing Nike to precisely adjust for perfect weight distribution and therefore more consistency in your yardages. Nike have designed the VR Pro Cavitys as a progressive set, with the 9-Sand Wedge being one piece, the 6 to 8 irons two piece and the 4 and 5 three piece club heads~Nike have designed the VR Pro Cavitys to be a progressive set, the 4 and 5 irons have a 3 piece head, the mid irons have a 2 piece head, while the wedges and short irons have a 1 piece head. The long irons are a 3 piece construction with an AM355 alloy face, and 17-4 steel body which houses the Opti-Mass System. The ball explodes off the face, due to this special alloy creating a “hot face”, which is thinner than standard and therefore acts as spring. The 6, 7, and 8 irons have a two piece head consisting of a 17-4 steel body and the Opti-Mass Technology, while the 9 iron and wedges are purely a one piece 17-4 steel body and face.

Nike’s research and design centre, known as The Oven was set up to enable Nike’s engineers to produce state of the art technology. In doing so, their engineers have designed the Linear Centre of Gravity Mapping System (CG). The centre of gravity is gradually moved lower and deeper in each club with the CG System. Compared to the VR Full Cavity Irons, the CG System has allowed Nike to precisely position the centre of gravity and therefore optimise the ball flight and trajectory.

If you are new to the game or are looking for a set of golf irons that will improve your game by inspiring confidence through consistency then the new Nike VR Pro Cavity Iron Set are the clubs for you.

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