Mend The Golf Slice – The Main Key You Must Follow To Cure A Slice

The golf slice is one of the most frustrating troubles to rectify for a lot of golfers, but if the reasons of why a golf ball slices are obviously understood, the cure is by no means complex. But before we give you the key to cure that slice, take a few deep breaths and SLOW DOWN your swing. Everything will fall into place if you think three-quarter pace.

The major key today that we are going to address to mend the golf slice is correct swing path. Because the golf swing is round, that is, the club head starts off behind our head, swings around our body and winds up at the back of our head, it may seem physically unattainable not to impart spin on a ball. But at the point of contact don’t imagine circular. Allow me to clarify.

While looking downward at the ball, imagine the ball moving in flight. For the right handed golfer, if the ball is rotating in a clockwise direction the ball will slice, or move in the route toward which the ball is rotating. Obviously, with the left handed golfer the alternative holds. The target to fix the golf slice is to eliminate this spin.

How do we do that? If, by looking down at the ball, we were to picture it as a clock with twelve o’clock being the direction we want the ball to go, if we were to make first contact on the ball at seven o’clock and hit through the ball to one o’clock location, we might impart little spin on the ball, and therefore giving the ball a straight flight, or possibly a counter clockwise, or hook spin.

Now needless to say this wouldn’t be hard if not for the fact that we are swinging, to some degree, around our body in somewhat of a circular action. So just ahead of impact and immediately after, we ought to visualize the club taking a nearly inside out route. This isn’t as demanding as it would seem. To fix the golf slice, follow doing two things to accomplish this:

1. Close the stance a little. In other words, make sure that the front foot is somewhat closer towards the ball than the back foot.

2. Spot the ball farther back to your stance. Most of us have the propensity to maneuver the ball forward, occasionally even past our front foot, making it virtually impossible to reach that “one o’clock” position on the golf ball.Persistently adhering to those two swing keys will do wonders for the fix the golf slice. Not surprisingly some practice to fine-tune those methods for your swing are going to be necessary.

My name is Sean O’Kelly, and I hope that I have helped you cure that “banana ball”.

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