Improve Your Handicap With The Awesome Callaway UPro MX

To begin with it’s possibly worth saying something about what a golf GPS rangefinder essentially is. Well, a golf GPS unit relies on communicating with satellites in orbit above the earth to determin the unit’s precise position on the surface. Many devices, which include the Golf Buddy range can auto detect the course and hole you might be playing. The course has to have been plotted as well as the data pre-installed or downloaded into the device. The device can than calculate the distance to diverse targets such as the pin (flag), a bunker or hazard.

There is a confusing range of golf GPS gadgets available on the market. When deciding on 1 to buy , the size and weight of the gadget is worth taking into consideration as you should carry it round the course with you and slide it in to a pocket or bag when not actually in use. Most devices are palm sized, rather like a cell phone, the Callaway uPro MX is 1 of these. There are actually also golf GPS watches including the Garmin S1, worn on the wrist leaving your hands free to play and they function as a typical watch off the course.

Should you be thinking of getting a golf GPS, I would seriously consider the Callaway uPro. State of the art technology together with an amazing mix of high performance and exceptional capabilities makes the uPro MX one of the most effective golf GPS devices about. This slim, light unit gives the capability to pinpoint distances,identify hazards and see satellite images of the whole hole on a high quality color screen. If you would like vibrant aerial and satellite images of thousands of golf courses with just a swipe of your finger, then this will be the best tool to increase your game!

The Callaway uPro MX features a substantial 2.2 inch color screen with twice the resolution of it’s competitors, which it can display numerous views of the fairway, golf course hazards and accurately create distance markers. Auto-advance makes it possible for progression to the next hole.

The uPro MX Golf GPS boasts a host of intuitive attributes and technological advancements, a capacity of fifty thousand courses with Nonetheless, players can obtain the enhanced functionality of ProMode which consists of actual aerial imagery of the courses and tour-style video flyovers for a uncomplicated, one-time fee, but note that there’s no annual subscription ever!

Functions are accessed via a multi-gesture, color touch screen allowing golfers to easily and simply navigate the menus and features with the swipe of a finger. Players will appreciate seeing the layout of the green in vivid detail with Green View at the same time as the capacity to store score and shot data for up to 50 rounds within the unit and an unlimited number via the site utilizing Score Plus.

For a modest further fee, ProMode in addition offers the ideal views for the next shot with SmartView; Video Flyovers that enable the golfer to think through their strategy; at the same time as the capacity to measure distances to and from any point on the course employing AnyPoint Technologies.

My verdict is that the Callaway UPro MX has built nicely on the solid foundation of the incredibly preferred earlier uPro model producing it a feature packed gadget for the discerning golfer at an highly excellent cost. At such a modest cost for such capability it isn’t unreasonable to charge a small 1 off fee (about $49) for the extra ProMode functions.

Other Golf GPS devices which you may well want to also consider incorporate the Skycaddie SGX and Golf Buddy Platinum.

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