Improve Your Golf Swing By Swinging Harder, Not Faster

At the beginning of my golfing experience I believed the trick to hitting my drives longer was to smack the ball as hard as I could. Of course, instead of getting me more distance with my golf swing, my drives usually would just hook at warp speed. I was glad my average yardage with my golf swing had increased but I needed to just get my accuracy better.

So I continued to just flail at the ball with my golf clubs; trying to still hit the ball as hard as I could but at the same time trying to control my golf swing as much as possible. As hard as I tried my golf club distance simply did not improve. I still hadn’t discovered the perfect golf swing.

Then one day by accident I stumbled upon the secret to hitting the ball further. It was not in how hard I swung the club, but rather it was how fast I swung the club that ultimately increased my distance. The harder I tried to hit the ball the more tense my swing became and the more tense my swing was the slower the club head actually traveled through the air.

Here’s the really neat part, when I began researching how to swing the club faster to get more golf club distance I discovered that to swing the club faster was actually easier to learn then swinging harder or even swinging the club for accuracy. In fact the entire key to more distance from my golf clubs boiled down to only 5 key items I needed to master.

I was fortunate enough to find a simple system online that broke down all 5 keys so that I could learn to master my swing one piece at a time.

The five basic concepts I used to improve my golf swing are balance, leverage, arc of my hips, speed of my hips (your wife my have something to say about that), and something called target extension.

Learning to swing my club and hit the ball faster didn’t take any additional strength, only changes to the way I swung my clubs, that took advantage of my own body weight and the power that already existed in my swing.

As a man I’ve been embarrassed numerous times on the golf course by women who can hit the ball further than me with what seems like far less effort in their swing yet they achieve tremendous average golf club distance, without the use of anything other than standard golf clubs. What I’ve learned now is that they simply hit the ball faster than me because they swing their clubs faster.

They aren’t any stronger then me ( I hope), they have simply learned to use the balance and leverage they already had and convert that into longer drives by harnessing the power that already existed in their swing, by converting that into a faster swing.

Once I discovered that secret my average golf club distance increased by 20 or 30 yards on every drive almost overnight. All from just improving my golf club swing.

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