How To Properly Hit A Large Head Driver

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The proper way to hit the golf ball further with a 460cc driver is a high launch angel and low spin rate. The goal is to get enough spin to get the ball in the air while reducing drag, to much spin to decrease speed and distance.You first need to make sure you are using a driver with a high enough loft, there are several things you can do to increase the launch angle and reduce the spin rate.

If you’ve been around the game awhile, you may have been taught to tee the ball so half the ball is above the face of the club. When using the new 460cc driver, you will need to tee the ball higher.

First you will need at least a 3 inch tee, then you need to tee the ball so it is almost totally above the club head.

If you are a right handed player move the ball further towards your left foot. Playing the ball off your left heel no longer applies with the larger club heads.

You need to be hitting the ball on the up swing, increasing your launch angle and lowering your spin rate. You may have to adjust the ball position even more depending on your swing plane.

Try experiment with moving the ball to the front edge of your foot, then adjusting it further back in your stance.

Other advanced golf swing tips
If you are like most golfers you ground your driver when you address the ball. Unfortunately, this will lead to mishits, hitting the ball off the heel of the club. You need to test your address by holding the driver off the ground to see where the ball will strike the face when your arms are extended.

There is a very easy fix to this problem. Play the ball slightly off the toe of the club. Test this out and see where the ball will impact the club with your arms extended.

Don’t worry about how it looks when you ground the club, it will look liking your going to hit the ball off the toe, but the ball is not on the ground, it’s tee’d up approximately 3 inches off the ground.

FYI, I never ground my driver at address.

The driver is not the same as 10 years ago. The larger size has changed the dynamics of it all together. The driver is unlike any other club in your bag.

You need to hit the ball on the up swing or past the apex of your swing. Every other club you want to make contact at or below the apex of the swing. This will lead to a higher launch angle.

The last driver tip to increase your launch angel while reducing spin is to get a stiffer shaft. With hours of work on a launch monitor (a program that calculates the spin rate, club head speed, swing speed, and launch angle) I have found that the proper shaft can make the most difference in affecting your spin rate. The launch monitor proved the stiffer the shaft the lower the spin rate, the weaker the shaft the higher the spin rate.

Before going this route, I recommend you see a club fitting professional, to help select the proper shaft.

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