Golf Vacations Time Of Your Life

Golf is considered to be the recreation for the wealthy and well off. In western countries , is as well fashionable among the middle class. Rules of the game consists in pocketing the ball into the hole in the fewest figure of strokes.

In the age 1900-1904 was olympic discipline. And once again this event will finally be in 2016 at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
The goal of a golf is to place it in the holes. The player sets the on-site Start the game and hits the ball.
The origins of golf goes back to probably the late Middle Ages. Was fabricated in Scotland and there also as well as in England was the most favourite – later spread to the whole world. The linguistic unit golf derives from the Dutch “Kolf” and means a stick, rod.

Golf may be beyond the purely sporting view, also the perfect way to formation of figure and form. It is estimated that on medium participant burns during the games in 2500 calories. Golf is a game versatile and can be experienced by both young people and also those in the elderly. Go through all the wells in the field depending on its size usually takes 4 – 6 hours, if we add that the average golf line is about 6-8 miles and walk the bag weighing several kilograms, it is easy to imagine that this is not so much lightweight and easy sport.

As already mentioned, golf is sometimes seen as a very elitist sport in the play who is usually rich and well off people. However, in countries such as USA, UK and Sweden is a sport very popular and accessible to a wide number of people. Unfortunately, golf equipment prices are very costly. You have to buy golf clubs, stroller, bag and special shoes. That is why golf clubs typically offer a possibility of borrowing beginners.
Golf is one of the most popular sports in the Anglo-Saxon countries. And golfers are among the better-paid athletes. Currently, the most popular players in golf are: Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Vijay Singh.
Golf is so not just a sport for rich people. It is above all a very large amount of money comparable to those that receive the best players in the league basketball or the NFL.

Golf Etiquette
The game of golf is usually carried out without the participation of judges. It is therefore important that the players themselves observe the rules imposed. Above all, do not trouble the person preparing to cast the strike. Players should especially watch out of surface damage to golf course – especially relates to the tee area. It is also important to ensure decent security on the golf course. Ball actuated torque and speeding maybe even kill you.
Watch for his shadow. This principle applies to golf this setting to player against another player that golf ball did not fall on her shadow. The same applies to golf bag.
There is also well seen to withdraw from the competition. Must always be the fight to the end and this behavior can be justified only serious illness or injury.
Summarizing it is great to have golf holidays. Golf is a wonderful and fascinating game

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