Golf On Historic Rice Plantations Of South Carolina; A Special Deal With! Plan Your Next Golf Vacation!

Nothing could possibly be finer…

Just a few short miles south of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, well-known for it’s 100 plus golf courses, you’ll find Georgetown County, a monument to the effective tradition of the southern approach of life. Tradition reigns supreme even to today as many families have been there for 175 years or more. You may find the same names in the All Saints Cemetery on King’s Freeway that belong to the movers and shakers of today. The people behind those excellent golf programs which are 1 on your “hit” parade.

Believe me you will discover golf in this area…and maybe the best golf to be discovered within the Myrtle Seashore area. One of many oldest golf programs within the space is Litchfield Golf and Nation club, now we all know that lots of you’ve heard of and even played golf at Litchfield, or maybe performed it’s sister course, River Membership, but did you know that both of those outstanding programs exist on what was once a rice plantation extending from the Waccamaw River to the Atlantic Ocean. Litchfield Plantation came into being roughly 1794 and a plat from that time exhibits an Avenue of Oaks and a house with two chimneys at either finish, immediately you’ll be able to still see that house, completely renovated and offered as a beautiful Mattress and Breakfast Inn, with an adjacent restaurant aptly named The Carriage Home Each are totally steeped in the allure of a another day, elegant and genuine intimately, intimate and really special.

In the same space of Litchfield Seaside is a positive outdated plantation, Willbrook, that now boasts 3 beautiful golf programs that embody Willbrook and The Tradtion,(a part of the Myrtle Seashore National steady of programs) and The Reserve, a relatively new non-public course.

Play golf on such excellent programs as Caledonia (voted the “Most Stunning Golf Course”). We imagine you may agree if you drive down that long avenue of previous oaks with Spanish Moss to the clubhouse and the now fallow rice fields, that it is indeed a baurtiful site. Caledonia is on the site of “Waverly Plantation” circa 1750 and in steady possession by the Allston and Lachicotte families. Robert Allston was Governor of South Carolina from 1857 to 1859 and his papers for expenditures for his rice plantation from 1834 to 1857 survive to this day, however as was the case with many wealthy planters of the day, the Allstons misplaced a lot of their fortune on account of the financial turmoil of the Civil War. Philip Lachicotte bought Waverly Plantation in 1871. Waverly Mills rice was famous and actually received a Gold Medal within the 1902 Charleston Exposition, but by 1911 the rice tradition was totally useless in South Carolina. True Blue Golf Club is also in this section of Pawleys Island and a monument to the old plantations of yesterday. For those who look closely, whenever you play golf at these golf courses you may spot Doc Lachicotte having lunch in the clubhouse.

Gracious southern plantations abound on this area, names like Brookgreen, Hobcaw Barony, (dwelling to Bernard Baruch in the early nineteenth century), and Wachesaw date properly back to antebellum times. Brookgreen is now the positioning of Huntington Nationwide State Park and Brookgreen Gardens, floral and sculpture garden without peer.

Wachesaw Plantation, backing as much as Brookgreen Plantation has it is own deserted rice fields, but at this time is an impressive Tom Fazio personal golf course and residential area. It is the most completely researched plantation in the area. Archeologists dug and sifted for three years marking slave cemeteries and Indian burial grounds. The original plantation house setting on a bluff overlooking the Waccamaw river burned about 1890. Within the section referred to as Richmond Hill there are remnants of a Revolutionary Fort with outline of outdated trenches nonetheless visible. You can play this glorious golf course while you purchase into a few of our excellent Myrtle Seaside golf packages.

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