Golf GPS – How To Select The Best One

When Gps navigation originally arrived onto the market it was mostly associated with vehicle navigation. However, more recently GPS such as the golf gps buddy have been introduced into the game of golf, providing golf players, regardless of whether they are pro or amateur, with a tool to help them to play better golf.

In what way can a golf GPS unit help enhance my game?

Thanks to satellite technology, golf GPS units make available, at a glance, a visual overview of the actual golf course you are playing, giving all the information you require relating to bunker locations, fairway and putting green data, water hazards, distances and more – therefore giving you the edge on the competition.

So, what should you look out for when purchasing a golf GPS?

While golf GPS systems can differ on price, features, reliability and customer support, the following should also be taken into account when deciding on which unit to purchase:


GPS models at the more expensive end of the market come loaded with options and features such as full color three dimensional display screen with flyovers and very good graphics and some are able to keep track of scores plus even analyze the information for you.

Depending on the level of sophistication you need, you might decide to go for a less pricey and basic type which is more suitable for the amateur.

Size and Weight of the gps.

The size and weight of the unit is important, since you do not want to hold something that is cumbersome and awkward to carry about. The majority of models these days are palm sized, very similar to a cell phone.

Simplicity of Set Up.

Certain golf GPS devices need to be connected up to a computer, software downloaded and an account or subscription opened before they can be used. Others such as the buddy golf gps only require charging before use as they are preloaded with golf courses already.

Display Screen.

Display Screens on golf GPS range finders are tending to get larger, as has been the trend with cell phones. Lots of types have full color, touch sensitive displays that are able to show both yardage as well as complete pictures of greens, hazards and tee boxes.

A preference for the touch display screen or to have buttons to operate the GPS is a question of individual choice. Some players choose not to risk having the display screen obscured by fingers and smudges.

Back lit and glare minimising screens are more easily read in diverse lighting conditions.

All Weather.

Even with the best intentions a golf GPS device may get some harsh treatment. Pick one that is rugged and water resistant.

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