Golf Clubs : How To Look After Yours

Most golfing enthusiasts are aware of the importance of a good set of equipment. Comfortable attire and golf bag pull carts make the day much more enjoyable, and help ease the mind. The most important piece of equipment, however, is a nice set of golf clubs. Obviously, you cannot play the sport without clubs, and it is therefore essential to take care of them so that they can adequately do their job. Knowing how to keep golf clubs in good condition will allow them to last for years and rounds to come.

As you play your round, always have a wet towel handy. As the day wears on, your clubs will get dirty. They will need to be cleaned as they soil, otherwise the grime will find its way into the grooves of the club, making for erratic shots. A wet towel can easily be swiped along the club face, cleaning the club and leading to true shots for the remainder of the day. If you forget to bring a wet towel along and the club gathers some dirt, soak the club head at night so that the soil is lifted and it is easily cleaned. Do not completely submerge the club, only the head.

Every now and then, the grooves of the clubs should be cleaned thoroughly with a wire brush. Only use brass, as anything harsher will score the club and add unwanted spin to the ball whenever it is struck. Just as you would if you did not clean the club as the round progressed, you may soak the club head at night to enhance the work of the wire brush.

Utilize head covers on all of your clubs. They will be tossed around a bit in the bag, and the heads will come into contact. The head covers will provide the necessary cushion to prevent dinging and scratching. Do not be foolish and hit the golf ball off of a tree root or a rock, either. This will only damage your club and possibly your wrist. Replace grips every year or two to maintain a comfortable handle on the clubs.

Keeping golf clubs clean comes down to using common sense and being responsible. Do not allow them to gather inordinate amounts of dirt, and do not let them become scratched by rubbing against one another. Have a sense of pride regarding your golf clubs. Maintaining their condition will allow you to enjoy their use for many years to come.

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