Golf Cart Accidents – Shocking Data You Should Know

The golf course is a spot the place people are imagined to have fun and benefit from the camaraderie amongst gamers of this revered sport. Nonetheless, these nice circumstances have been marred by an growing number of accidents and accidents all because of an virtually innocuous-looking vehicle.

A current study showed that the number of injuries ensuing from golf cart accidents increased by more than 130% throughout the 1990-2006 period. In that seven-yr span, it was estimated that nearly 147,seven hundred golf-cart-associated injuries have been handled at US hospitals. The main cause for these accidents was both falling or jumping from a shifting cart. More than 30% of these cart accidents concerned youngsters, the research additionally showed.

Primarily based on this examine, many of the golf cart accidents could be prevented simply by frequent sense of refraining from jumping from a cart in movement, and by carefully supervising youngsters within the golf course. Golf club authorities also supply some further recommendation on cart safety.

First is that the rules of road driving also apply when using golf carts. The cart driver must always pay attention to the trail he or she is taking. A pointy turn at very excessive pace is an invite to disaster as a cart could simply flip over and injure its passengers and driver. Consuming alcoholic beverage and driving a cart additionally don’t mix.

Moreover, the cart driver should examine the golf course guidelines on golf cart use. Before driving onto the golf course, the driver should ensure that the golf cart is allowed in a specific area. Golf course conditions might change from everyday, and because of this, golf cart restrictions could be tailored to the brand new course conditions.

There are basic guidelines to comply with although when driving onto the fairway which can contribute in avoiding cart accidents. Certainly one of these guidelines is to by no means to take the cart within hazard boundary lines. Driving the cart within 50 yards of the greens or inside about 10 yards of bunkers and water hazards is likewise prohibited. Cart wheels are more likely to harm these explicit areas. Places close to tee bins are also restricted to golf carts which should likewise be by no means pushed by means of mud and on some fairways. Specifically, when driving to a par three gap, the golf cart is restricted to the cart path even when such automobile is allowed on fairways of par 4 and par 5 holes.

Particular cart indicators posted in the golf course needs to be followed. The “cart path solely” sign indicate that the vehicle must be driven only on the cart path at all times; no driving on the grass. Sometimes this “cart path solely” rule may not be in impact, but it is also advisable to all the time avoid driving onto the grass. Soil compaction that usually ends in adversarial rising situations for turf grasses is attributable to fixed golf cart traffic. Although not a likely set off for golf cart accidents, this soil compaction can eventually lead to fairways not too preferrred for playing.

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