Golf Advice – The Significance Of Golf Club Collection

Every time you strike the ball in golf you have an crucial decision to make – which club next? Apart from when you securely find yourself on the putting surface and impulsively go for a putter, each stroke needs that judgment to be made and here are merely some of the points you may be considering.

The initial reflection is going to be the length needed. If you are merely 50 yards from the flag then your driver is not the tool, whilst standing at a tee on a 550 yard hole, anything short of some form of wood is just not going to make much progress.

But, distance is not the whole thing. In the week I was asked the question why do I have a rescue club with a 150 yard carry and a full range of irons, because no less than one of the irons should have the equal carry as the rescue club.

This is because different clubs also give different flight patterns and also a better for varying lies. An iron is, with my skill level, going to land and then in general the ball will roll masses. On the other hand, the rescue will land the ball and it will come to a rest within a metre of the spot it lands on.

Also, it very much depends on where the ball is lying when it is approached. A good lie enables a choice of irons, but the ball sitting in a heavy lie may not allow such a good contact and that is where the rescue club really comes into its own, by being able to plough its way through the long grass, or whatever, to make a good contact with the ball. Even a poor contact could be forgiven with this club.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to experience and knowing how you could best get out of a given situation and as near to the pin as impending with this next shot. Going down to the driving range with all of your irons, warming up and then giving the ball a full strike with each will soon teach you the relative distance you could realize with each. Then repeat the exercise with the rest of your clubs – the woods and the shorter clubs.

But, it is vital to note not how far each travels, but the relative difference between the length achieved with each. This is because on a given day, with varying balls, wind conditions, colder days and more variables, you will find that you can pull off different distances with the same clubs.

So club selection is all round knowing which clubs you are confident with playing with in certain situations and how far you will hit with each club today. Get that right and you should simply be making some cracking shots!

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