Golf Accessories To Keep In Your Golf Bag

Accessories for golf are anything extra that you’d need for the game of golf. Examples would include a towel, rain suit, brush, GPS unit, laser unit, bag clip, tees, balls, wet towel, or anything else that you can hook on or put in your golf bag. Depending on your level of golf, these items could be important to you they may not matter at all. I plan on covering three levels and discussing what each level should have in the bag.

The first level would be that of the limited golfer. This type of golfer only goes maybe once or twice a year. The accessories required for this type of golfer would not be as significant as the other two types of golfers. The first thing you need is extra balls. You can keep these in the ball bag and it will provide a nice random selection for you to use on the course. The second item would be tees. I keep my tees in a separate pouch because I break so many of them that I get in and out of the bag frequently. A final item would be a golf towel to hang on the bag. The towel provides a medium to clean your golf ball and to clean your clubs. Making sure the clubs are clean is very important and will help you with your ball striking.

The second group of golfers would be the weekly golfers. These are ones that would go once a weekend or play in a league. They should always have balls and tees ready at their disposal. If you are like me those are two things that seem to go really fast. A towel would also be great to have on the bag. Something extra like a wet ball cleaner is good as well. I have this on my bag and I usually like to have a clean golf ball. This cleans it fast and keeps it clean all over the course. I would also plan to keep extra score cards and pencils in my bag. This prepares me in case I forgot to grab one or the other before my round.

The third type of golfer is the one that golfs almost every day. For the everyday golfer, I would suggest using the same accessories that the first two types of golfers use. However, golf gear such as a laser finder or a GPS unit comes in very handy. These help tremendously when you are unsure how far your distance is. I keep a laser unit on my bag at all times. Whenever I am unsure, I take it off the bag and check out the flag stick. Another item for this group of golfers would be a rain suit. If you golf everyday then you will be sure to catch some rainy, crappy days. The rain suit will help you keep your normal clothes dry. It is also easy to fold up and store in one of your sleeves in the golf bag.

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