Getting Back Into Golfing

After over 10 years of not playing golf anymore I got reintruduces to it the other week by an old friend of mine, an avid golfer himself. He invited me over for a drink in his rather prestigious golf club.

Being surrounded again by the atmosphere, breathing in the smell of old leather arm chairs and enjoying the view of the vast expanse of the golf court brought back fond memories. I had been a passionate player during college and those first 2 years after at a law firm I worked for after graduation.

Yet family life took over and priorities shifted. Now though, sitting here and listening to my buddy telling stories about his game brought it all back and I decided to give golfing another shot. I didn´t want to get back into it head over heals though and contemplatesd buying some used golf clubs that I would be able to snatch up for a lower price than brand new ones. As you might know, good golf clubs are rather pricey. You can easily find yourself putting a few hundred bucks for them on the table.

This is how I came to run an internet search on cheap callaway golf clubs. You need to start soemwhere…. To my surprise I found a countless number of websites offering discounts and golf clubs on sale. Most every brand was advertised and I couldn´t help but smile to myself: it would be no problem at all to get some for me. I started out with looking for a putter and before I knew it I got completely absorbed in hunting the best equipment I could get for my new start as a returning golfer. To top it off, I was even able to get a cheap golf bag for my new aquisitions and I was ready to hit the golf court 3 days later.

My friend and I met up early in the morning at the starting point and made our way slowly across the parcourt. It turned out that even though I was somewhat rusty most things come back to me just by doing them again. Emerging from the sub concious where my skills were stored away memory turned into knowledge and my game picked up with every hole we made. I used to be a rather competitive player back in the days and this character trait threatened to show up the more I got into it again.

Over all though we had a great time and made it to the end of the course in a few hours. I felt elated and my friend congratulated me to my choice. I would know how to make the best of my new old cheap golf club sets, this much was clear.

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