Employing A Golf Grip Trainer To Develop Your Round

Are you looking for a golf training aid that you can use straightforwardly at home to quickly and safely pick up your swing and grip? Well, the best golf training aid that I have ever used is my golf swing trainer.

These grip trainers actually do two things to help coach you. First, they train your hands into the correct grip position, by having a handle that is moulded into the shapes of where your fingers will lie. The second is that by clever weighting, these as a rule shortened clubs coach you to swing the club back and down through the correct path.

At the same time, as you practice your swing with these special clubs you should also find that the repeated movements with the slightly heavier than normal club should also help to develop your golf muscles. This could help improve the length of your shots as well as the accuracy!

It is an amazingly simple device to see and wonderfully straightforward to use! Only find yourself a bit of room, grasp hold of the handle according to the guides and start to go through your normal swing routine.

Yes, a grip trainer does not fully train you and does not teach you what a professional can teach you. A swing trainer does not give you the experience that you can just pick up on a golf course, but it does give you the tools that you need to practice your golf swing and grip from the comfort of your own home, when you cannot get out to play because of time, weather or whatever.

But do they really work? I was bought by own golf swing trainer a couple of years ago as a birthday existing. I immediately start to play with it, keen to use it to improve my game and as it was a novellty birthday current.

Shortly after I started to practise with the new golf grip trainer I got the chance to go out for a about of golf at my preferred course. But this was without a chance to go to the range to see what had happened in the process of practising with the grip trainer.

I have to say that I approached the first tee without wonderful hopes of improvement. OK, I wanted to see an improvement, but I thought realistically that there would not be much difference. So I stood on the first tee, holding my driver and expecting my ball to slice right as it always did.

After a few practise swings I was ready to hit the ball and it flew off the tea, straight down the middle of the fairway and plopped dead into the middle of a fairway bunker!

Not the ideal shot, but the ball had gone straighter than ever before and longer than ever before. I was pleased! So, for the cost of a swing trainer, invest in one for yourself and see what improvements you see. And feel free to leave me a comment!

Written by Keith Lunt, of eighteen-holes. Call in to see a range of golf grip trainers, or if you want to read more articles, pop over to our golf blog for more reading.

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