Don’t Think Too Much During Your Golf Swing

Thinking to much before and during your golf swing will most likely result in a bad golf shot.

While all golfers forge ahead to look for that mysterious secret that will polish their swing, it’s wishful thinking that they will find it. The reason is because there is no code to swinging the golf club. People might desire to sudy some of their preferred players and look at their overall balance and tempo that they cultivate all over the round. Even with the best of players no two swings are alike. What works for one player doesn’t necessarily work for another. There are no two swings alike.

For instance. You could ask ten players what begins their downswing, and you would get hold of ten dissimilar answers. This is because everyone perceives things differently. An assortment of citizens could witness a car accident and if you ask them to describe what they all saw and you would think that were watching different accidents.

Many times you will listen to someone giving advice to another person on the golf swing and watch them get frustrated at the individual the’re trying to help because he or she can’t seem to comprehend what the person is telling them. One person’s manner of understanding and communicating their point is completely dissimilar than anothers and the manner they sort things in their inner self. Different words mean dissimilar things to different people when it comes to our thought processes. We construe and digest information differently

It has been mentioned that golf is both an art and a science. However, it also helps to understand how to generate the feel or art of your swing Don’t get too caught up in over thinking your swing.

Remember this, that golf like all sports is a game of motion. Once you have begun your swing, there should be no balking. It should be a polished flowing motion from beginning to end;not a string of abrupt actions. So when your watching world category players or good players at your golf course observe how the best players start and remain in motion. To teach your muscles the useful feel is to discern that the physical movements of the body determines how one swings the club. This is why having the appropriate grip is terrifically important since it’s the one and only contact you have with the golf club and it controls the clubface aspect.

If there is a secret, I believe the initial thing you can do is to not think so much and just get up there and swing. Most folks have seemingly good motor skills so don’t hold it back by trying to get to analytical, just swing the club back and forth without any conscious thought.

I think this is an necessary question for all of us to consult ourselves when we become too technological with our pastime. The thing to remember is that golf is a sport, and the golf swing is an athletic action. It’s not a progression of positions, or a bundle of links. It’s an aggressive, athletic action, and when we conclude otherwise we’re done for.

Emphatically I am not saying that it’s not imperative to know some mechanics about the swing, and what it takes to get the ball from point A to point B. Likewise, nobody on tour was born with an perfect swing path and plane. This comes from hard work and an understanding of their swing.

However, the line must be illustrated somewhere on one’s approach to the mechanics of golf. It is surely painted in other sports.

Do you think Tom Glavin threw a fast ball while thinking of arm speed and aspect? I highly doubt it. Do you think Wilt Chamberlain used to take shots while thinking of degree of calf tension? I think not! Sometimes, if not all the time, it’s just a matter of looking at the target and letting it go.

The best thing I have found to do, and which I’ve observed others do, is rare back and hit the ball hard. Just stand up and rip it with an exceptionally aggressive swing. You will find it very hard to think technical when you are trying to hit something hard.
I’ve been in the game of golf for at least 35 years and have been tense most of that time. The tension coming from talking to my self about what mechanics I should use for that particular shot. It just doesn’t work!!!

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