Callaway Upro Go Gps Review – The Excellent, The Bad, And A Unique Review

In case you have been searching around for a Callaway Upro Go Gps review then you’ve come to the correct place. I strongly suggest that you read this entire article as I give you the pros, cons, along with a personal review of the Upro Go.

The Upro Go is the brother of the original Upro. Many individuals think that it is just a smaller version of the Upro but it really is not. It’s a entirely new device with and whole distinctive set of functions.

What are these new functions designed for?

To support you cut strokes off of your score
Trust me prior to I employed to play golf for 2 years with out a gps, now a days I wonder how did I ever do it. Or maybe that was the reason I sucked. Anyway this is an incredible device.

Lets get down to the pro’s and con’s of this Callaway Upro Go Gps review:


it gives exact distances to where you’re trying to hit the ball regardless of whether it be green, fairway, or the hole
with the lock on gps accuracy you’ll often select the correct clubs and no exactly where to hit the ball
comes with 10,000 preloaded courses no other golf gps does this for free

unlike some other golf gps devices there’s no stat tracking or digital scorecard built it
there’s no fly by mode of the entire hole that you’re on unlike the Upro
Now lets get down to the Callaway Upro Go Gps review:

The Callaway Upro Go elevated my game to levels I never thought feasible. It came preloaded with each course that I play on around the city of Houston. So that was a biggie and I saved funds by not having to acquire extra courses.

I was blown away with how exact and accurate the distances to every green was. When I select to upgrade to the advanced Go Mode.(Which will cost you a 1 time fee of $50.00) I noticed that I am now a lot extra consistent that I employed to be. I utilized to struggle on my 75 to 100 yard swings but now with the Upro go I am additional equipped and prepared thus my swing at that range is on point.

So my guidance to you is, when your done reading this Callaway Upro Go Gps Review take action now and pick the Upro go as fast as achievable. Trust me your golf game depends on it.

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