Bushnell Tour V2 Series Pinseeker Rangefinder – What Can Customers Say About This?

Bushnell Tour V2 Series Pinseeker Rangefinder – What do customers say about it?
5.0 away from 5 stars Best golf purchase in years,
I have used a skycaddie for two years. In reality, both only lasted about Six months before they broke. In the panic, I bought a Bushnell V2 w/ Pinseeker the day before planning to Pinehurst and played 4 rounds of golf with it, three with the courses I’ve never played before. It does everything Bushnell claims. Its quite simple to make use of as well as the Pinseeker mode works perfectly. It never provided an incorrect reading. One day I had been having a Pinehurst member who were built with a laser built to work specifically with a reflective element together with all of the Pinehurst flags. Every reading on every par 3 was exactly the same as his to the yard. If you have not used at all a Rangefinder or skycaddie, I’d recommend the Bushnell rangefinder. It does everything a skycaddie does AND you can laser anything around the course, not just the geographic references the skycaddie has in its course memory. I’m bitter about my skycaddies expenses, but this thing works better. Once i get my skycaddie back, I’ll use it but won’t spend the amount of money to renew the annual membership this fall.

Have experienced the TourV2 Pinseeker a few weeks now and am absolutely happy with it. Simple to use, lightweight and simply tucks into among my golf bag pockets…in under A few seconds I can get yourself a distance “read” and make a club decision. Faster than racking your brains on the space or stepping off distances from markers about the course. Once i pick a club, it’s nice to actually be aware of distance for the flag….and I believe it is useful to check distance to hazards, creeks, etc. Already seeing improvements during my scoring.

This Bushnell now is easier to utilize than the next size-up. As the optics aren’t quite as crisp, they are excellent. It is possible to focus and require real steady hands to get the pin and acquire a distance measurement. Also, the tiny size and clip on case are simple to affix to my golf bag so it’s always with me at night after i navigate to the course. We now have both this and the other one but this one is my preference.
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Still beginning yet – been carrying this one around for approximately per week. Put on the extender on three occasions. It does try taking a little getting used to when it comes to what you want it to measure. For example, shooting the flagstick may well not work as well bouncing the laser off someone’s white shirt if they are around the green contributing to equidistant to the flag. Still, the distances resolved reasonably well up to now and reduced the problem with my club selection.

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