Bunker Tips-Control The Distance Of Your Golf Ball

How To Control Your Bunker Shot Distances

Here we will discuss different ways that you can learn to control your bunker shots. One method that golfers use is adjusting how far behind the golf ball they hit in the sand. So if a player wanted to hit a short bunker shot you would hit the sand a few inches behind the sand. If you wanted to hit a longer bunker shot you would hit very close to your ball.

Another unique way that people control their bunker distances is by opening or closing their clubfaces. Turn your clubface very open for short shots and less open for longer shots.

A final bunker control tip is to concentrate on entering the sand in the exact same spot everytime (I recommend about 2-3 inches behind the ball) and simply vary your follow through. Adjust yourself so that your body is aligned opened in regards to the target and then make sure that you open your clubface so that it is aligned squarely to your intended target area. Take the same length back swing everytime, this should be about a 3 quarter swing but your follow through will fluctuate based upon how far away your target is. Hit your bunker shot with a short follow through and you will end up with a short shot. Have a fuller follow through, and your shot will travel farther.

Try these tips to see which one will work the best for you to control distance out of a greenside bunker but the final suggestion is the simplest of the three and with it you can master distance control out of the sand. However, you still need to practice to learn the feel for the proper follow through in relation to the desired distance.

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